A simple, therapeutic yoga practice designed for the way you experience stress is the most effective way to get the stress-relieving benefits of yoga with ease.
  • Discover your stress type so you know how to handle stressful moments.
  • Get a totally doable 3-minute practice you can do any time to get present and confident.
  • Feel empowered to take charge of your stress instead of letting it overwhelm you!

Take this stress type quiz and be sure to get the free, simple, therapeutic practice that’s just right for your stress type at the end of the quiz!

Hi! If we haven’t met, I’m Stephannie. 

I’m a Certified Yoga Therapist on a mission to make the ancient wisdom + therapeutic practices of yoga simple so that busy, stressed-out women, like you, can be present, open-hearted, calm, resilient, and confident with ease.

Yoga teaches you to take charge of your experience so that you can live intentionally.

That’s why my students learn to make the simple, therapeutic yoga part of their daily routines so they can create the life they truly want.

You can take charge your life—I promise, it’s simpler than you think!

Thanks to Stephannie, I’ve been practicing for more than a year, which has changed my life so much for the better. Jim M

Stephannie is one of the most patient and caring teachers I have ever met. I recommend her to everyone I know. Ashley C

After working with Stephannie, I feel much calmer, more balanced, and more open to everything life throws my way. Cydney W
Stephannie brings remarkable kindness and compassion to her work. Ken H

Stephannie has truly found her gift and is willing and eager to share it with everyone. Roxanne W

Stephannie has been more helpful and insightful than other therapists I have had. Aileen P

Stephannie is an excellent instructor, her calm, gentle manner immediately put me at ease.

Sue K

Stephannie reminds me what grace, balance, and peace look like embodied in a person. Ellen B
Working with Stephannie has opened my heart and mind to what’s possible. I have come so far and will continue to grow every day. Carrie L
Stephannie is an angel. She is such a positive energy in my life! Meghan C

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