Data show that work-related stress costs U.S. businesses $300 billion a year, but experts say many of these health problems can be corrected if companies adopt a much more significant role creating a “culture of health” in the workplace.

To combat the stress epidemic, businesses, hospitals, and schools alike will need to start teaching stress reduction skills such as yoga, mindfulness, and meditation—skills that are proven to reduce anxiety and stress and increase focus and resiliency (Harvard Health Publications).

This means yoga, mindfulness, and meditation training will need to be included in leadership programs and executive coaching, as well as be part of team meetings, incorporated into value systems, and taught to employees at all levels.

My approach to therapeutic yoga that can be integrated into daily work routines is a simple and highly effective way to bring stress reduction training to your workplace, retreat, or conference. Here are two standard offerings, but I can also customize a program for your unique environment.

Stress Solutions Lunch & Learn

Are you an employer who wants to improve the wellbeing and resilience of your workforce?

This simple + effective Lunch & Learn session is for you.

In just 75-minutes, participants will:

  • Understand their stress response and it’s purpose as a trigger for action,
  • Discover a simple 3-step method for learning to respond adaptively to adversity and thrive,
  • Learn 7 simple, stress-reducing practices that can be used at work, anytime with ease.

Investment: $250*

* Includes all time and materials. Does not include travel expenses.

Interested in hosting a Stress Solutions Lunch & Learn at your office?

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Make Peace with Stress at Work

Make Peace with Stress (MPWS) is a group yoga therapy program that teaches a simple, 3-step method for managing the stress response and making conscious choices about how to respond rather than being reactive. 

MPWS at your office will improve employee wellness by:

  • Being led in person by an engaging, relatable and compassionate teacher. For more than a decade, I have led group yoga classes, individual and group yoga therapy programs, as well as many other workshops and trainings in many settings. MPWS participants will benefit from my engaging and practical teaching style as well as a personal connection and inclusivity.
  • Creating a group support structure that provides encouragement and accountability. Group yoga therapy is more effective for stress management than individual work or weekly group yoga classes because of the camaraderie, support, and accountability that can be present in groups. In addition to my engagement throughout the program, there will be an organized process for small groups within the program to support and encourage each other.
  • Offering a concise and practical stress management method that can be used immediately. The MPWS method is 3-steps and participants will be prepared to begin using it after the first session.
  • Focusing on a few key topics to build stress management core competencies. After completing the MPWS program, participants will appreciate stress as an opportunity to learn and grow and have an integrative practice for making this happen.
  • Including an appealing workbook/journal and doable, structured timeline. Participants in the MPWS program will receive a workbook/journal they’ll want to use. This will not only encourage engagement and exploration but be a tangible way to track and document their work. Studies show this can increase the chances of achieving stress management goals by up to 42%. In addition, the completed workbook/journal will be a continuous reference.

Investment: $5,000*

* Includes all time and materials to host Make Peace with Stress at your office in five 90-minute sessions for up to 25 people. Does not include travel expenses.

Interested in hosting Make Peace with Stress at your office?

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